Black marble tile countertops

Black marble countertops are the best choice for home decoration!!!

Black marble countertops give a nostalgic and orderly design to your home environment. Do you think what makes black marble countertops more ideal? All of that is because of the lines, patterns, and streaks on the black marble countertops stand out more than the white marble, so black marble can be used as a decorative element in interior decoration. These days, the use of them has become very popular and very common among young couples. they are not just for the kitchen room, and it has been used for another parts of your house.

If you care about the beauty of your home and want to have a different and also comfortable home. I think that ordering them can be the best choice for your house.


  1. What are black marble countertops and how are they produced?
  2. Why use black marble countertop?
  3. Black marble countertop for kitchens
  4. Black marble countertop for bars, cafés, and restaurants.
  5. Different black marble countertops sizes
  6. Black marble countertop pricing
  7. How to clean black marble countertop


  • What are black marble countertops and how are they produced?

Let me explain where black marble countertops coming from. Limestone formed from sediments of warm and boundless seas and millions of years ago is associated with granite, which makes marble. The use of stone in the construction industry has always been considered, and stone has always been one of the main pillars of building a shelter for humans. The uses of stone in various cases such as foundation, masonry, gardening, interior and exterior decorations, which have gradually increased the extraction and extraction of stones in order to decorate the interior and exterior of the building. One of the applications of marble in making them is that due to the increase in the price of imported wooden and high glass sheets, the black marble countertops are the best choice for your kitchen.  Marble is produced and tested in many stages in factories to be durable. And the process of making them is extremely complicated.

Black marble tile countertops

  • Why use black marble countertop?

The benefits of using them are many, but these are just some of the important elements that you should care about.

Light transmission: You may have seen marble used in sculptures before, one of the reasons being that marble is semi-transparent in nature. When used for flooring, it allows light and light to penetrate the surface in some way, making their surface very clear and shiny.

Naturalness: Stone marble is 100% natural, which is what the earth is made of, which means that its structure is completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and does not cause pollution in any way.

Black marble countertops are not Sensitizing: Due to its high density and excessive strength, marble is a hypoallergenic material. This means that there is little sensitivity. Therefore, that’s an ideal design your kitchen with them.

they give your house the power: do you ask why? Because of black color and one of the properties of black color is power.

Black marble tile countertops

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  • Black marble countertop for kitchens.

The beautiful design of the kitchen can affect the beauty of the whole house, so do not forget it. they have long been a favorite of homeowners who want to incorporate natural beauty into their homes. A great way to have this beauty in your home is by installing black marble countertops. The advantages of them for the kitchen are many and they are not limited to beauty. Marble is easy to scratch and does not break, and is also resistant to extreme heat. they are one of the strongest and most durable stones. So they remain for decades and retains their beauty. Because marble is more flexible, the corners of the stone will be completely curved and will not have any sharp corners. But granite is not like that, granite is very hard to cut, and softening its sharp corners is either not done, or if it is done, the corners of the stone will look ugly and ugly. The black marble countertops create a special elegance to your kitchen and a stylish kitchen.

  • Black marble countertops for bars, cafés, and restaurants.

It may be interesting to know that those cafes, restaurants, and bars that use black marble countertops are considered to be fashionable and stylish bars, restaurants, and cafes and are naturally lucrative. they give a very modern and warm atmosphere to the environment. Visitors to these mostly young places, are very fond of the design of them and make them sit in your cafe or restaurant for hours and order food because the environment affects their desire to order food.

they create a great space for photography, which means you can make money by creating a stylish environment for your cafe or restaurant, as well as your bar. Many Instagram bloggers or influencers need stylish spaces to take photos. So a cafe, restaurant, or bar with black marble countertops allows them to take good photos and they will come back exactly because of your black marble countertops.

Black marble tile countertops

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  • Different black marble countertops sizes.

The most common thicknesses of marble are 2, 3, and 4 cm, and in the meantime, thicknesses 2 and 3 are more popular. Thickness, like size, will be directly related to price.

In some types of stone, the cutting may affect its final price. Even if the type of stone, size, and thickness are the same, the type of processing can affect the price. Marble is more common in dimensions of 40 x 40 or 50 x 50. For office spaces where larger sizes are hit, this depends on the customer’s request.

  • Black marble countertops pricing

The price of black marble countertops depends on the following factors:

  1. Quality and analysis of stone

The most important parameter of stone quality is the physical and chemical analysis of the stone. And the closer the marble analysis is to the desired level, the higher the quality and the higher the price.

  1. Different colors and designs

Marble stones do not have much variety compared to other building stones. The more special and pure and pure the color of marble, the higher the price.

  1. Diameter and dimensions of stone
  • The larger the size and thickness of the marble, the higher the price.
  1. Accurate sort of stone

Marble has different sorts that are cut and sub-sorted after the cutting step.

  1. Type of stone processing

The type of stone processing plays a decisive role in the price of marble.

Black marble tile countertops

  • How to clean black marble countertops:

To clean them, first, dust it with a cloth. Then use lukewarm water and soap powder to clean it.

Never use acid to wash them.

The easiest way to clean marble is to use a damp cloth. This can be done by using some warm water or half a liter of water and a little washing powder and then drying the stones with a soft cloth.

Wipe marble stains with a cloth soaked in oxygenated water and use marble oil to polish and polish it.

Never put hot dishes or hot irons on it.

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