Black Marble

When it comes to the element of elegance in home design, nothing comes close to marble stones. Whether you are going for a modern, contemporary vibe or a vintage classical look, black marble can come to your aid and bring with itself an aura of royalty and a hint of mystery. It is especially popular when used in contrast with white or light-colored furniture; it is the contrast after all, that brings out the details, makes them truly shine.

Due to their beauty and durability, Marble stones have been adored and used throughout history for aesthetical and constructional purposes. Black marble in particular have always been a favorite for interior design. Let’s have a further look at these natural wonders.

black marble


  1. Different types of Black marble
    1. Negro Marquina
    2. Devonian Black
  • Negro Canfranc
  1. Black Marble with Gold Veins
  2. Black Marble in Interior Design
  3. Is Black Marble Expensive?
  4. What to clean black marble with?
  5. Black marble VS white marble

Different Types of Black Marble

We call them black marble because that’s the dominant color in their background, but in the foreground, we have all kind of different patterns of mineral veins dancing around in a chaotic order; artful brush strokes by mother nature herself. These patterns and a few other characteristics help us distinguish between different types of black marble. We will take a brief overview of each type.

Negro Marquina

You can not go wrong with negro marquina, as it will blend with almost any setting. The veins on this marble, are spread without any particular order, but the veins are never too concentrated in one spot nor are they too far apart in others. If you are using negro marquina tiles, you can manipulate them into a sort of order, by choosing adjacent tiles based on their vein concentration. Or you could just jumble them randomly and let them work their magic on their own.

black marble

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Devonian Black

Matte Black marble stone filled with triangular grey markings, what makes Devonian black marble so special, beyond its luxurious look, is the fact that its veins and markings are not mere minerals; they are actual fossils of Orthoceras belonging to the Devonian period (about 400 million years ago), encased for eternity in the floor tile of your living room, or your kitchen’s countertop!
If it is a royal and majestic look that you are aiming for, Devonian Black cannot possibly fail you.

Negro Canfranc

Complicated networks of white veins and spots, surround the surface of Negro Canfranc. Most of the veins are narrow and faint while there are a few that are bold and thick. One cannot deny the resemblance between this particular black marble and a starry night. Negro Canfranc allows you to capture the elegance of the night sky and bring it back home.

black marble

Black Marble with Gold Veins

If it is the luxurious look that matters the most to you and your design, nothing can better fulfil that need than a black marble with gold veins. It can also work wonders if you include more hues in your overall decoration and want to go beyond a binary, black and white design.

Black Marble in Interior Design

Marble stones can play different roles when it comes to interior design. You can use big slabs of them as countertops or use them in tiles for flooring. You can cover the walls with them, making the room shine with glamour. You can use white marble and other light-colored ones to lighten the mood or use darker ones such as black marble to bring a more subtle character out of your design.

Black marble is most commonly used for kitchens and bathrooms floors and walls, countertops and fireplaces. If you are considering purchasing black marble, some questions such as the following may arise.

Is Black Marble Expensive?

The price of each kind of marble stone depends on a set of different factors, such as the amount of energy and work that is needed to cut and polish the stone, the rarity of the stone, transportation fees, etc. As you can see, color is not one of these factors, generally speaking, different kinds of black marble usually fall in the middle of the spectrum and are neither too cheap, nor too expensive.

black marble

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What to clean black marble with?

When it comes to cleaning your black marble countertop or tile, the first thing to keep in mind is to never, under any circumstances, use acidic detergents or any other harsh cleaners for that matter. Marble stones in general are sensitive to acidic substances. Acidic detergents such as vinegar, dissolve the marble’s texture and make holes in the stone.

If you want to give your black marble a shine without risking any damage, the most available substance to use is liquid dish detergent. Mix dish detergent in a 1:1 ratio with water and apply it gently to the stone’s surface using a soft cleaning cloth. Do not scrub it too hard, as it can damage the marble. If the stain persists, you can pour a bit of baking soda on it and scrub gently with a damp cloth.

Black marble VS white marble. Which one to choose?

Both black and white marble stones showcase somewhat similar physical features, making this question a question of looks. If you are in doubt whether to use black marble or white marble, take a good long look at the place that you want to install it and try to imagine both types of marbles there. Which one feels more right? Is this place in need of a light touch to make it seem more spacious maybe? Or does it need a heartwarming black to make it radiate with elegance?

Take account of the furniture surrounding it too. You want to choose something that creates a harmony with the surrounding area.
If ultimately you could not wrap your head around one or the other, it is always a good idea to seek professional advice from an interior designer or decorator.

black marble