Extracting & Merchandising of Ornamental Stones

Royal Stone Trading is a Persian complex being currently involved in the field of exploiting extracting processing and merchandising of ornamental stones used as interior / exterior building decorations.

Royal Stone Trading is producing Persian Red , Light and Dark Yellow , Silver and Walnut Travertine stones.

Royal Stone Onyx mines roducing Green , Red and Multi colored onyx stones. All these quarry sites are located near Yazd, the center of Yazd province.

Our Company has also been operating a big stone processing plant being engaged in the production of high quality and standardized Slab and Tiles both from the soft Stone blocks (Travertine , Marble , Onyx) and hard stone blocks (Granites).

The Slab and Tiles all processed on the basis of the latest technology and highest standard of cutting and polishing.

Offering Block Stone (Unprocessed Stones) to our customers also constitutes a portion of our sales.