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White marble tile

White marble tiles

One of the best ways to make your place both natural and luxurious at the same time is to use white marble tiles. Marble is a beautiful stone that is popular for design and decoration. This stone is easy to match with your other furniture because there are lots of different types of marble that you can easily find the one that suits your taste and style. There are many different ways to use this type of stone to make any place shine, such as using white marble countertops or white marble tile. In this article, you get to know everything you need about white marble tiles. So, let us start.

  1. A) What are white marble tiles and how are they produced?

 White marble tiles are available in many sizes and thicknesses. As you probably know marble is made out of the limestone. It is also the outcome of extreme heat and pressure over the years which gives the stone the attractive and natural look that can make your place and design shine.

The specialists cut the white marble slabs with specific machines and polish them to give them extra shine. Polishing the marble also helps it to get smoother which has a huge effect on its appearance. You can order these white marble tiles to be in the exact sizes that you need.

  1. B) White marble tiles for kitchen

There are popular usages for white marble tiles in the kitchen such as kitchen islands and countertops, designing the wall, using them for the floor, etc. Nowadays the specific trend is to look natural and simple, but also eye-catching. That is why we recommend using the natural tone of white marble. The most suitable type to use for the kitchen is those marble tiles that have enough strength and are not vulnerable when it comes to stains and scratches. You can pay a short visit to a professional and talk about preferences to choose the ideal marble for your lovely place.

When it comes to the kitchen, a countertop that is made out of marble is a great idea. You might not know that marble is cool most of the time and is the perfect surface for the cooking pastries. Although, please avoid putting hot pans or pots directly on the surface.

  1. C) White marble tiles for bathroom

As you know, the current trend for the bathroom walls is the white marble tiles. It makes it look more natural and it reflects the light beautifully and makes the place look larger and luxurious. Using the white marble tile with light veins will show the bathroom clean and cared for. It is also easy to match the walls or floor with steel tabs and other stuff.

  1. D) White marble tiles for living room

You have probably seen many different hotel lobbies that are designed perfectly by the white marble tile. The reason is that this stone can make the room the perfect place to host your guests or enjoy a warm family dinner.

Besides, you can also use these white marble tiles for the floor or the countertops. You just need to care for it from time to time and be careful about choosing a good sealer.

You would probably notice that choosing the lighter shades of white marble is a better choice since the scratches and stains are more obvious on a dark marble surface.

  1. E) Different tile sizes

White marble tiles are available in any size that you desire. As we said before, there are machines in the companies and the workshops that are specially made to cut the perfect marble tiles. Also, just like the sizes of the white marble tiles, you can define the thickness of each slab based on what you have in mind for your style. Even if you need an unusual shape of your tile, it all can be done for you. Since there are lots of things that you can do using the white marble tiles, and if you need an exact thickness you can just simply ask the company and they will take care of it for you.

  1. F) White marble tile pricing

Depending on the type and the color, white marble tiles pricing can differ a great deal. If you are looking for real and organic white marble, you have to know that they can be very expensive. On the other hand, since it is timeless to own these beautiful items, you do not have to worry about changing the decoration every season. No upcoming trend can overcome the natural beauty of the white marble tiles.

If you are not sure about the color and type that you have chosen, you can always order a small piece as a sample and try it to see if it meets your need and taste, then go for the required sizes.

  1. G) How to clean white marble tiles?

Just like every beautiful thing, having the gorgeous white marble tiles has a price. You need to care for them and clean them regularly. It will be a lot easier to keep your tiles nice and good as new if you keep them clean. Just use some damp cloth and clean them carefully. There are substances specialized for marble surfaces that you can use to make the stains go away. If you want to use chemical formulas that are acidic, please be careful since it might make things worse and destroy the marble’s texture.

Some special types of white marble tiles are stronger so you do not have to worry about the small scratches or little stains. Also, if you clean the stains as soon as they appear, there will be nothing to worry about. Besides, as a fun fact, white marble tiles just like other products that are made out of this beautiful stone absorbs the stains and after a while, it will go away. After buying your perfect choice, make sure to ask the clerk about cleaning and looking after the stone. Usually, it is not difficult and if you pay enough attention to it, it will remain good as new for a very long time.

Now that you know everything that is needed, hopefully, you will have a great purchase to make your place shine.

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