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November 10, 2019

Things you need to know about white marble (5 specialities)

Marble is one of the most famous stones in the world that has been used in various periods as well as in various occasions. This stone has many varieties that any of them have unique properties.

Marble is a classic and popular stone that gives it a unique and different look wherever it is used. In addition to its beauty, marble has an unparalleled strength that makes it particularly useful in exterior and interior design.

White marble is one of the most popular and practical types of stone that we will discuss more in this post.


Carrara Marble is popular marble that has gray streaks on the white background. Calacatta Marble is classic Italian white marble which is extracted from a quarry in Carrara, Italy. It has beige, golden and gray streaks on its white background. The Statuario type of white marble, such as Caraara and Calacatta, has elegant gray veins. This marble has a bright white color that adds its value. Thassos marble is another beautiful white marble originating from the island of Thassos in Greece. What distinguishes this white marble is its luster and sparkling appearance.

In fact, there are many varieties of white marble. Even their color spectrum includes some darker and some lighter ones. White marble stones include IMPERIAL BEIGE, ROYAL BOTTICINO, KAMELIA, SHAYAN BIEGE, WHITE WAVY, PERLA VENATA and CRISTALLO. These types of marble have a lighter underlying background and dominate in light color.

These marble stones are mostly used for kitchen surfaces such as countertops and kitchen island, cabinets, toilets, bathrooms, lounges, desks and stone on the table. They can also be used on floors and walls, and they are used more to reflect light and illuminate places.

Some of the white marbles that appear darker than those mentioned include VERDE ANTIGUA, LIDOMA SILK and FEATHER GRAY.

There are also marble such as PERSIAN SPIDER, GOLDEN GALAXY, GOLDEN BLACK MARSH, ERAMOSA VEINCUT, BLACK RIDER, STAR BLACK, MAJESTIC MARBLE, BLACK COSMIC, SPIDER etc. which are quite dark and therefore do not classify into the white marble group.

These predominantly dark marble stones are commonly used on floors and walls. Sometimes, however, they are also used on surfaces based on the design of the decoration and the colors used in it.

Marble white


White marble stones used for buildings are mainly produced in three shapes and are available. These stones are available in sizes 40 x 80 and 80 x 80, which include various colors and patterns.

These shapes are mostly used in toilets, bathrooms and floors, which are chosen according to their color and pattern.

White marble stones are produced in a variety of colors and natural textures and have many uses.

You can use these stones everywhere. But is it important to use them on the floor or on the walls? Are you using it for a wide surface or a limited surface?

What part of white marble you want to use will be effective in choosing the color and shape.

You can also decide on the shape of stone and their color based on the size of the place, lighting, decoration design and more. Small and especially dim spaces require brighter colors

But in larger places, darker marbles can be used instead of white marble.

The use of marble slabs is a long-standing and well-known method used for building and architectural purposes.

White marble slabs are very large building blocks.

After extraction from the mine, marble is transported to the stone mills and cut into many different sizes.

marble slabs should be cut with fineness, precision thickness and high transparency. It should be noted that cutting this stone should be very precise and integrated.

Slabs are manufactured in dimensions of 170 x 200 or larger. They can be used as decorative stones in the walls and as the building floor.

It is also used around lobbies, walls of homes, conference halls and other places to give your space a special look.


According to US Geological Survey (USGS), available rock and mineral resources are sufficient to meet the foreseeable needs of the world. But wouldn’t we have trouble supplying all kinds of rocks? In fact, Resources available around the world can be limited either locally or regionally when faced with the increasing demand and scarcity of a particular type of rock.

Marble resources are mainly located in countries such as Italy, China, Brazil, Turkey, France, Philippines, United States, Morocco, India, Austria, Japan, Portugal, Russia and Greece.

But the most important of them in terms of global marble production and export is Italy. Italy has many marble resources that are of exceptional quality compared to other countries.

Turkey is also located in the richest mountainous region of the world, the Alps.


In 1998, four countries accounted for the largest production of marble, accounting for nearly half of global marble production.

Italy and China were the two world leaders in marble production, including white marble. Next, Spain and India came, producing 9% and 8% of the required marble in the world, respectively.

Italy, as we have said, topped the list of countries in terms of marble exports with a 20% share in world marble production.

After Italy, China with 16%, India with 10%, Spain with 6% and Portugal with 5% were the most important exporters of marble including white marble in the world.


Marble is produced in the best quality by various companies. Stones are long lasting and can be purchased in buildings for long-term use. Buying a low quality stone can cause more damage and cost in the long run. So buy the stone you need from a factory that offers you the finest quality and finest appearance. It is possible to buy all kinds of marble both in person and online.

We also assure you that you can find with us high quality white marble pieces at the best price on the market.


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